Ijax Errors

Errors are returned with the following fields:

Field Description
error_code A numeric code for the error
reason A textual description of the error
param The name of the parameter related to the error, if applicable
value The value of that parameter
code The ticker code related to the error, if applicable
exchange The exchange code related to the error, if applicable

The above information is for use by your code; it is not intended to be displayed to the user.

A list of all errors follows:

Error Code Javascript Field Description
1 ERR_ITEM_NOT_FOUND Item Not found
2 ERR_EXCHANGE_NOT_FOUND Exchange not found
3 ERR_EXCHANGE_NOT_ALLOWED Exchange not permitted
4 ERR_CODE_NOT_ALLOWED Code not permitted
5 ERR_PARAM_TOO_LONG Param too long
6 ERR_PARAM_BAD_CHARS Param contains bad characters
7 ERR_STOCK_NOT_INCLUDED Item is a stock
8 ERR_INDEX_NOT_INCLUDED Item is an index
9 ERR_NOTHING_TO_DO Nothing to do
10 ERR_FMT_NOT_ALLOWED Format not allowed
11 ERR_SITE_REQUIRED Site required
12 ERR_MODULE_NOT_ALLOWED Module not allowed
13 ERR_BAD_VALUE Bad value for parameter
14 ERR_LIVE_GUEST_NOT_ALLOWED Live data not allowed to guest
15 ERR_LIVE_USER_NOT_ALLOWED Live data not allowed to user
16 ERR_DELAYED_DATA_NOT_AVAILABLE Delayed data is not available
17 ERR_STOCKS_NOT_ALLOWED Stocks not allowed
18 ERR_INDICES_NOT_ALLOWED Indices not allowed
19 ERR_DEPTH_LEVELS_EXCEEDED Max depth levels exceeded
20 ERR_ORDERS_NOT_ALLOWED Orders not allowed
21 ERR_EXT_ORDER_INFO_NOT_ALLOWED Extended order info not allowed
22 ERR_VERSION Version not supported
23 ERR_STOCK_NOT_CURRENT Stock not current
24 ERR_FIRM_NOT_ALLOWED Firm not allowed
25 ERR_ORDER_TOTALS_NOT_ALLOWED Order totals not allowed
26 ERR_STORE_NOT_ALLOWED Storing results not allowed
27 ERR_STORE_NOT_FOUND Stored result not found
28 ERR_STORE_FAILED Failed to store result
29 ERR_STOCK_NEEDED Item should be a stock
30 ERR_INDEX_NEEDED Item should be an index
31 ERR_ISSUER_NEEDED Item should be an issuer
32 ERR_RECENT_NEWS_NOT_ALLOWED Recent news not allowed
33 ERR_RECENT_NEWS_COUNT_EXCEEDED Recent news count exceeded
34 ERR_DATE_NOT_ALLOWED Date not allowed
35 ERR_MAX_COUNT_EXCEEDED Max count exceeded
36 ERR_PARAM_OVERRIDEN Param is overriden by another param
37 ERR_NOTHING_TO_DO_YET Nothing to do (supply more param data)
38 ERR_REQUEST_MUST_BE_LIVE Request must be for live data
39 ERR_REQUEST_MUST_NOT_BE_LIVE Request can not be for live data
41 ERR_ORIGIN_NOT_ALLOWED Originating website not allowed
42 ERR_IP_NOT_ALLOWED Client IP address not allowed
43 ERR_AUTH_REQUIRED Authentication required
44 ERR_AUTH_FAILED Authentication failed
45 ERR_AUTH_NOT_FOUND Authentication token not found