Local Ijax Servers

If your site is very busy, you may benefit from installing an Ijax server within your infrastructure.

Under this scenario, the market data is streamed over the Internet from Iguana's servers to your Ijax server so that all of your Ijax requests can be served with much lower latency from an Ijax server on your local network - including both XML and JSON data.

Whether this is beneficial will depend on how busy your site is and how far it is from our datacenter.

Hardware requirements

The required amount of hardware depends on how busy your site is and what requests you will be doing.

A very busy site, handling up to 1000 request per second, would require a dedicated 2GHz dual core machine with 2Gb RAM.

A moderately busy site, handling up to 100 request per second without price history requests, could be run in a Virtual Machine with 1Gb RAM.

You can run multiple Ijax servers if necessary.

Software requirements

The Ijax software runs on most 64 bit Linux variants. It consists of a single daemon program and a small config. The main configuration of your service is maintained by Iguana on our servers.

Unless your site is very busy, it does not require a dedicated machine.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.