Ijax Stored Results

Some queries, generally those with large results, may have their results stored so that they can be paged through.

Which part of the result is paged through depends on the request. For instance, if you store a depth result, the same stock and quote will be included in each request for a new page and only the depth queues will be paged through.

Furthermore, in the depth example, both the bid and ask queues are paged through simultaneously since they would usually be displayed together.


The following example illustrates how to store the current full depth for BHP and then page through it 20 levels at a time:

Please experiment with the simulator to see how this works.

First request:

<ijax_response store_id="123456">
<depth from="0" count="20" total="999">

Next request:

<depth from="20" count="20" total="999">

And so on:

<depth from="40" count="20" total="999">

Until the last page of 20:

<depth from="980" count="19" total="999">

If you continued 20:

<depth from="1000" count="0" total="999">