About Iguana2

Iguana2 is an innovative technology company that specialises in the aggregation and supply of share market data and the development of realtime market information software.

Based in Sydney, Australia, we provide a suite of market information services to financial professionals, including brokers, wealth managers, listed companies, professional traders and retail investors.

Having pioneered the delivery of realtime sharemarket data via the internet, we've accumulated over fourteen years experience in the financial data industry. We develop and manage a scalable, high-availability system that supports our client's demands for creative, robust solutions.

Our services can be broken down into four separate areas:

  • Realtime market information applications
  • Content and website management
  • Custom data provision
  • Online investor relations services

If you would like further information about Iguana2 and its services, please contact us direct.

Our Vision, Our Mission

Our intentions and reason for being in business is clear.

Our Vision

To become the number one domestic provider of realtime financial market data to the Australian and New Zealand marketplace.

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, Iguana2 will deliver innovative products which enable our customers to achieve superior financial outcomes.


Fulfilling our vision is paramount. The following key principles will guide our actions

  • unwavering focus on customer satisfaction
  • preserve and promote our reputation
  • lead, don't follow