ASX and NZX Market Data Solutions

Investor Relations

Content for use within corporate websites and intranets.

We provide prices, charts and announcement services to Australian and New Zealand listed companies. more

IJAX - Web Services

Iguana's Javascript and XML server platform is designed to serve low latancy, dynamic market data in XML or JSON.

IJAX is an ideal solution for clients who want to embed market data within their own hosted website. more

Content Solutions

Solutions for third party websites and mobile devices.

By leveraging Iguana2's shared infrastructure our clients can provide quality market information websites for a fraction of the price of developing and hosting them inhouse. more

Custom Data Jobs

Custom data feeds and files to meet specific client requirements.

We are a reliable source for ASX and NZX data. Data can be provided live, delayed or on an end of day basis. more


A bare bones data service streaming ASX trade and cancellation events in real-time over HTTP. A simple, easily implemented solution for users wanting to capture tick data. more