Real-time and historical charts featuring a comprehensive selection of indicators with fully adjustable parameters

Real-time charting

Intraday charts update as trading occurs, allowing you to monitor indicators and signals in real-time.

Spark's intraday charts can be plotted over multiple days with tick intervals set to per trade, 1, 2, 5, 15, 30 minutes, hour or AM/PM.

Manage your trades, not a database

With Spark you don't need to concern yourself with downloading, importing and managing a historical price database. Spark's charts automatically update to include the latest values and all historical data is adjusted for corporate actions like, share splits, consolidations and name changes.

Chart profiles

Chartists often use a combination of indicators, and then tune them with personalised settings to match their trading style. With Spark you can store these custom chart settings to a chart profile. The chart profiles can then be accessed in the futre sessions with just a single click.

Available Line Types

Close, Bars, HLC, OHLC, Dots, Candlestick,Candlestick Volume,Equi. Volume

Available Indicators

Simple Moving Averages, Exp. Moving Averages, Moving Average Envelopes, Bolinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, Keltner Channels, Price Channels, Momentum, RSI, Stochastic (fast/slow), Accum/Distribution, MACD, Performance