Spark's online classroom has a series of video tutorials to help you get started

Spark 101

A primer tutorial that introduces the key interface principles of Spark. The tutorial covers requesting stocks, switching tools, panel control and layouts, shortcut keys, desktop management and more.

[watch video] 10:23mins

It is highly recommended that all new users watch this video in full.

Tool specific tutorials

Market Depth

Introduces the market depth chart, trading ranges, depth replay, order age and auction price features.

[watch video] 07:04mins


Demonstrates how to access the current day's news as well as historical announcement for stocks.

[watch video] 03:31mins

Watchlists and Smartlists

Shows how to create and manage watchlists and smartlists. Also includes a demonstration of the Price Delta feature.

[watch video] 05:32mins

Trade Lists

Covers obtaining the trade list, grouping trades by time, generating course of trades lists and depth review.

[watch video] 01:51mins


Demonstrates Spark's visual alert features that were added in May 2015

[watch video] 08:05mins