Quick Help



Choose a Stock: Press SPACE, type a Code, press ENTER
Resize Windows: Click and drag the gap between them
Drag and Drop: Codes can be dragged and dropped to add, change or remove stocks
Copy: Use CTRL-C to copy the data in the selected window
Use ALT-C to copy an image of the selected window
Paste: CTRL-V to create or add codes to a watchlist
Mouse over: Mouse slowly over areas to popup detailed info, move quickly to remove it
Column Names: Drag the Help button over a column to see its definition
Undo: Most actions can be reversed by clicking Undo or typing CTRL Z
Saving: All state is saved automatically on exit


W, ENTER Create new watchlist
W1,2,3... Show watchlist N
+XXX, ENTER Add XXX to watchlist or Drag and Drop an item on to the list
-XXX, ENTER Remove XXX from watchlist or Drag an item to the Remove button
Add or remove multiple items by separating
the codes with spaces


S, ENTER Create new scan
S1,2,3 Show scan N


R Top Rises
F Top Falls
V Top Volume
ALT V Top Turnover
N Recent News
I Indices

Window Movement

TAB Select next window
CTRL TAB Select previous window
UP Scroll window up
DOWN Scroll window down
PAGE UP Scroll window up a page
PAGE DOWN Scroll window down a page
HOME Scroll window to beginning
END Scroll window to end

Window Layout

/2 Split window in half
/H Split window in half horizontally
/V Split window in half vertically
/3 Split window in to 3
/4 Split window in to a 2x2 grid
/6 Split window in to a 2x3 grid
/9 Split window in to a 3x3 grid
CTRL L Snap windows to grid
CTRL X Clear screen to one window
Z Zoom window (maximize)


D Depth
C Chart
T Trade list
A Announcements
P Profile
SHIFT ENTER Set ALL windows to same stock/index
SHIFT D... Set ALL windows to Depth, etc...

Search for Codes

? Show Search window
or press SPACE, type XXX?, press ENTER

Speed Pad

Drag and drop Codes on to the Speed Pad buttons, then:
1-9 Set window to Speed Pad N
SHIFT 1-9 Set ALL windows to Speed Pad N


Click Panel names to show or hide them
Click and drag between Panels to stretch them
CTRL T Toggle ToolBar at side of screen
CTRL P Toggle ToolPanel for window or RIGHT CLICK on the window
SHIFT CTRL P Toggle ToolPanels for ALL windows or SHIFT RIGHT CLICK on the window


.A Set to ASX only
.N Set to NZX only
. ENTER Set to any exchange
  or enter XXX.A in the Key Pad to select XXX on the ASX, for example
(only valid if subscribed to both ASX and NZX)


/RSS Show news RSS window
Space R1,2,3... Show RSS feed N
G Google last stock


CTRL W Toggle hilighting Watchlist stocks in Market lists and Smartlists
H Toggle this help


F1-F10 Switch to desktop N
ALT LEFT Switch to previous desktop
ALT RIGHT Switch to next desktop


Q Toggle Quick Window
ALT 1,2,3... Toggle Watchbar popup N
ALT 0 Hide any Watchbar popup
ESC Hide topmost window or Key Pad


CTRL + Increase font size
CTRL - Decrease font size