Spark has the tools and information required to make confident and profitable trading decisions


With Smartlists you can filter the market to find trading opportunities that would normally go undetected in the broader market.

Some example Smartlists include

  • show stocks that are trading at their high/low for the day
  • show stocks that are currently trading above their VWAP
  • show stocks that have had the greatest price change over the last x minutes
  • show stocks that are in the mining sector and have issued news today

Smartlists update in real-time, with stocks being added to the lists when they meet the predetermined conditions and subsequently removed when they no longer do.

Company profiles

Access company profiles and financial data for all listed companies. Information includes

  • Corporate overview and contact details
  • Balance sheet and Profit/Loss summary (10 years)
  • Key ratios i.e EPS, DPS, PE
  • Dividend history

Live VWAP calculations

Spark calculates a stocks Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) in real-time, allowing traders to benchmark their own trades on the fly. Time sliced VWAP calculations are also available in the trade panel.

DDE/API interface

Spark includes a DDE server which can feed real-time data to third party applications such as Microsoft Excel. Click here for more information on the DDE interface.

Intraday relative volume indicator

Compare the current day's volume against what volume a stock normally trades at the same point during the previous day, the week's average and the month's average.

Spark's relative volume indicator updates in real time and is displayed by mousing over any stock's volume figure.

The relative volume figures are also available in Watchlists and Smartlists, which allows you to scan the entire market in real time, looking for stocks that have unusually high or low volume.

Self updating

Iguana2 has a bold development roadmap planned for Spark and new features will be added regularly. When a new version of Spark is released it is automatically downloaded and installed when you login to Spark.

Multi monitors, Multiple instances

Spark is multi monitor aware, making it suitable for even the most demanding trading room environments.

Power users can also choose to run up to four Spark screens on the one PC.