A user interface designed specifically for interacting with real-time sharemarket data

Faster, smarter, clearer

Spark's unique multi desktop, multi panel interface allows users to monitor multiple stocks and markets with unparalleled ease.

The interface has been designed to be powerful yet easy to use. Every feature and tool works in an intuitive manner that can be learned and understood quickly.

All of Spark's tools incorporate smart scaling, which automactically determines the optimal amount of data to display. This ensures data is always presented in a highly readable manner. Data is never obscured by overlapping windows or interface options, a common problem in applications that follow the standard Windows MDI interface.

Colour and animation

Trading activity and change is communicated with intelligent use of animation and colour. The use of these subtle elements enables users to absorb more information and actively monitor more stocks and markets.

Smart copy/paste and data export

Data can easily be copied from Spark and then pasted into other applications like MS Excel and Word. You can choose to paste information as raw data or as an image.

Multiple stocks can be quickly added to any watchlist by pasting in a series of ticker codes.

Users that require live intergration into other applications can take advantage of Spark's DDE interface.

Multiple desktops, multiple instances, multiple monitors

Each Spark screen has 10 distinct desktops which offers huge potential to customise the application to suit your individual needs. Furthermore, you can run multiple Spark screens on the same machine for up to 40 custom desktops, perfect for traders working in a multi monitor environment.

When speed matters

Using a combination of shortcut keys and unique interface principals, you can access information much quicker in Spark than with competing platforms.

Highly customisable

Extensive customisation options give you total flexibility over what, where and how information is presented throughout the application.

Beautifully designed

Spark incorporates a design aesthetic not seen in any other market information platform.

Spark is not just highly functional, but also beautiful to look at.